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Our lab is focusing on "human" and "nature" in various ecosystems. The PI and graduate students in my lab are interested in tropical biology, ecology, nature conservation and management, national park system, local and nature conservation activation by tourism. We currently work on ecology, tourism, and natural resource management of Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Some studies have been conducted under a research collaboration (Hokkaido Univ., JIRCAS, and FFPRI). We also conduct international collaborative research with INSTeG (Institute of Geospatial Science & Technology) of UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) and FRIM.

Extinction of nature experiences, Nature-based tourism, Protected area, Tropical rainforests, Satoyoma (Socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes), Urban ecosystems, Wildlife tourism

【Research projects
Nature-based tourism
  ・Wildlife tourism in SE Asian rainforests: Virtual Hunting program
  ・Nature based tourism development in SE Asian SEPLS

Trolocal ecology
  ・General flowering in SE Asia 
  ・Urban Ecology and human-biodiveristy relationship in Mega cities -> Advanced Research project (2012-2017)

Research Tourism project
  ・Research tourism: scientists and tourism in world heritage sites in Japan

【Study sites】
Japan :Tokyo (Tama, Bonin islands), and world heritage sites
International:Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore

【International collaboration】
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(UTM), Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), and Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

【Recent publications】
Book/Book chapter
・沼田真也 (2015) 自然ツーリズムの基礎としての生態学 よく分かる観光学シリーズ2 自然ツーリズム学 朝倉書店 pp22-33
・沼田真也 (2015)  エコツーリズムの見方、考え方 よく分かる観光学シリーズ2 自然ツーリズム学 朝倉書店 pp57-69
・Numata, S. & Hosaka, T. (2018) The Current Status and Prospects for Biodiversity in Tokyo. Tokyo as a global city: New Geographical Perspectives. in T Kikuchi and T. Sugai (eds), Springer Singapore.
・沼田真也・保坂哲朗・木悦郎 (2018)  マレーシアの熱帯雨林における自然資源利用とワイルドライフツーリズム 菊地俊夫(編)ツーリズムの地理学 ―観光から考える地域の魅力― 二宮書店

Review article
・沼田真也 (2014) 東京の生物多様性とその展望 地学雑誌 123: 497-515

Original articles
・Hosaka, T., Numata, S., Sugimoto, K. (2018) Relationship between childhood nature play and adulthood participation in nature-based recreation among urban residents in Tokyo area. Landscape and Urban Planning. 180: 1-4.
・沼田真也 (2019) 観光・ツーリズム分野における生物多様性:取り組みと課題 日本生態学会誌. 69: 23-27.
・沼田真也 (2019) マレーシアの農村観光─トレンガヌ州Setiu wetland を事例として─ 農村計画学会. 38: 23-26.
・沼田真也 (2019) 都市の自然環境と生物多様性の保全:東京を事例に グリーン・エージ. 6月号: 4-7.
・Ngo, K. M., T. Hosaka, S. Numata, N. (2019) The influence of childhood nature experience on attitudes and tolerance towards problem-causing animals in Singapore. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. DOI
・Hosaka, T., L. Di, K. Eguchi, S. Numata, N. (2019) Ant assemblages on food litter and food removal rates on different land covers in urban and suburban parks of Tokyo. Basic and Applied Ecology. 37: 1-9.
・Foo, Y. S., Numata, S. (2019) Deforestation and forest fragmentation in and around Endau-Rompin National Park, Peninsular Malaysia. Tropics. 28: 23-37.
・Ota, A., E. Takagi, M. Hashim, T. Hosaka, S. Numata. (2019) Effects of nonlethal tourist activity on the diel activity patterns of mammals in a national park in Peninsular Malaysia. Global Ecology and Conservation. 20: e00772
・Mahmud, M. R., S. Numata, T. Hosaka (2020) Mapping an invasive goldenrod of Solidago altissima in urban landscape of Japan using multi-scale remote sensing and knowledge-based classification. Ecological Indicators.111: 105975.
・Nugroho, P, S. Numata. (2020a) Resident support of community-based tourism development: Evidence from Gunung Ciremai National Park, Indonesia. Journal of Sustainable Tourism: 1-16.
・沼田真也 (2020) 新型コロナウイルスのパンデミックが人々の活動に与えた影響.グリーン・エージ. 6月号: 26-29.
・Nugroho, P, S. Numata. (2020b) Changes in residents' attitudes toward community-based tourism through destination development in Gunung Ciremai National Park, Indonesia. Journal Tourism Recreations Research: 1-16.DOI: 10.1080/02508281.2020.1808753.
・Nugroho, P, S. Numata. (2020c) Influence of sociodemographic characteristics on the support of an emerging community-based tourism destination in Gunung Ciremai National Park, Indonesia. Journal of Sustainable Forestory: 1-16.
・Sugiyama, N., T. Hosaka, E. Takagi, S. Numata. (2021) How do childhood nature experiences and negative emotions towards nature influence preferences for outdoor activity among young adults? Landscape and Urban Planning 205: .

Shinya NUMATA, Ph.D.
Keywords: Tropical biology, Urban ecology, Protected area management
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Assistant Professor
Etsuro TAKAGI, Ph.D.
Keywords: Forest biology, Population ecology, Natural history
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Keywords: Human Wildlife Conflict, Conservation Biology, Widlife biology
Research project: Human and fishing cat relationship in wetlands of northeastern Bangladesh
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Visiting Professor
Prof. Dr. Mazlan Hashim (INSTeG, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
 ・Geospatial study on natural resournce in Malaysia

Visiting Researcher
 ・Human Wildlife conflict in Nairobi, Kenya

Yohji IWAMOTO, Prof.
 ・Local knowledge in Bonin (Ogasawara)island

 ・Protected area management in Sarawak, Malaysia

Research assistant

Ph.D. course 

 Hossain Mohammad Ismail
  ・Conflicts and Conservation of Biodiversity in Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary of Bangladesh (tentative title)

 Hasan Bin Mohamed Zakaria
  ・Foreign tourists’ preferences for nature-based experiences in protected areas (tentative title)

 Afsana Nasreen Eva
  ・An Ethnozoological Study in Framing of Human-Fishing Cat Conflicts in Hakaluki Haor, Bangladesh(tentative title)

 Ferrieren Curassavica Arfenda
  Nature-based tourisn in an Indonesian national park (tentative title)

 Meherun Niger Sultana
  ・Influence of social norms on local people's decision-making to kill Fishing cat in Hakaluki Haor, Bangladesh (tentative title)

Master course


 Shinya TAKEI (M2)

 Aoi EGUCHI (M1)

 Nur Qistina Binti Abd Rashid  (M1)


 Shota OKUBO (B3)

 Ryota SAITO (B3)

 Tomomi NAKA (B3)


 Dr. Mohd Rizaluddin bin Mahmud(2015-Ph.D.) Senior Lecturer@Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia) 
  ・ Downscaling the satellite precipitation data in humid tropical region

 Dr. Noordyana binti Hassan(2015-Ph.D.) Senior Lecturer@Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia)
  ・Estimation of plant flowering phenology in urban ecosystems using remote sensing techniques

 Dr. Muna Maryam binti Azmy(2016-Ph.D.)Senior Lecturer@Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia)
  ・Mechanism of human-hornet conflicts in an urban ecosystem

 Dr. Widiyatno (2016-Ph.D.)Senior Lecturer@ Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia) 
  ・Impact of silvicultural system on genetic diversity of Shorea parvifolia in the tropical secondary forest, central Kalimantan,Indonesia

 Dr. Huda Farhana Mohamad Muslim(2017-Ph.D.)Research Officer@ Forest Research Institute Malaysia (Malaysia)
  ・Childhood nature experience and public affective attitudes towards tropical urban biodiversity conservation

 Dr. Kang Min Ngo (2017-Ph.D.) Research Coordinator@ Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
  ・Dynamics and sustainability of a tropical forest fragment surrounded by an urban sea: Findings from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore

 Dr. Yen Sin Foo (2019-Ph.D.)Lecturer@Universiti Utara Malaysia
  ・A study on effectiveness of protected areas with tropical rainforests

 Dr. Prasetyo Nugroho (2020-Ph.D.)Assitant Professor@Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia)
  ・Mechanism of tourism development support in a community-based tourism: the case of Gunung Ciremai National Park, Indonesia

 Masateru IKI(2011-Master)

 Yuri AIHARA(2012-Master)

 Kosuke FUKUMORI(2013-Master)

 Izumi ZAMA(2014-Master)

 Shuhei ITO (2016-Master)

 Ayaka MORIMOTO(2016-Master)

 Lynn DEE (2016-Master)

 Ayana OTA(2018-Master)

 Iori OTSUKA(2019-Master)

 Ayaka YAMAMOTO(2019-Master)

 Natsumi TANIGUCHI(2019-Master)

 Takahisa UCHIYAMA(2020-Master)

 Yukinori TSUKAMOTO(2020-Master)

 Qiong Hui FU(2020-Master)

 Eriko IGUCHI(2012-Bachelor)

 Haruki SAKURAZAWA(2013-Bachelor)  

 Masaaki YAMADA(2013-Bachelor) 

 Misaki KURIMOTO(2015-Bachelor)

 Misato OBA(2017-Bachelor)

 Naoyuki SUGIYAMA(2018-Bachelor)

 Tomoe MIZUKAMI(2019-Bachelor)

Contact address

Shinya NUMATA, Ph.D.

e-mail: nmt[at]
Phone & Fax: +81-42-677-2631

Department of Tourism Science
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences,
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Minami-Osawa 1-1, Hachiouji,
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